Its been a long time i didnt upload my artwork…so now im back with my previous artwork that i didnt upload for a quite long time…there a lot of thing goin on…such as been working with puma for the new suede campaign…n working with celcom…painting for one of production house in malaysia, Phuture Phlow  for Disko Baldi Show…so guys enjoy the journey…peace.10435_1237842231956_1406271047_682353_4306804_n 26138_110315432323070_100000338416433_147320_7682739_n 35207_145988592080703_120155787997317_455221_1745544_n 17769_10200821655441883_702497335_n 149199_10200864370749739_677419459_n 428756_10201021632441183_1138351964_n 432343_4905164465129_157016972_n 521734_10200900202485510_847672345_n 538335_4161305109110_2007902784_n 540827_10200620564854744_292943873_n 544194_10200750450981816_2038671739_n 602563_4254290593689_664257121_n 946485_10200986319278376_698425938_n 971545_10201507687192248_646424896_n 1012215_10201485464116685_279589693_n 1377066_10202071243240797_1341372642_n

576881_4570014526590_665064945_n (1)


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